You guys!!! I am so excited to be able to share the exclusive interview with my newest obsession, Loote! You guys have heard them if you’ve listened to any of the playlists I’ve posted in the past, their song ‘High Without Your Love’ has been on repeat non- damn stop for me…and I’m not kidding! There is something about these two that just gives me the best vibes, and I love it.

Emma and Jackson are two of the nicest people I’ve talked with for my blog, and I want to thank them for being so kind! I also want to thank their awesome manager Russel for being so kind and supportive as well. If you haven’t, be sure to follow them on their social media handles and catch them on the road this fall!

XO Diva D


David: Hey guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me for my blog, this is so exciting! How have you both been? It seems like you guys have been pretty busy lately doing a lot of promo and press!

Emma: Hey! We have definitely had a busy couple of months and this is just the start of it! I’m still getting the hang of it all and making sure I make time for myself/am writing new material, as well as promoting “High Without Your Love.” I’m getting super pumped for our tour this fall!!!

Jackson: We’ve been doing great man! We love being busy and it’s really inspiring to have so much support.



David: How did you guys first meet?

Jackson: We first started working together in college. Our professor paired us together randomly for a homework assignment just because our desks were near each other.

Emma: We actually met for like, a minute? It was before the second class of the semester or something. I was sitting in front of Jackson and I had this REALLY cool phone case. He thought it was a cassette tape, and that was the true beginning of Loote!
David: What was your initial reaction to meeting each other for the first time?

Emma: “Wow this dude is super good at making beats. Wow I should really work with him one day.” And then we got paired up for an assignment literally that day.

Jackson: I thought Emma had an awesome voice. I had seen her perform in class the week before and I was definitely interested in working with her.



David: Emma, you went to school in Manhattan while Jackson went to school in Westchester. How did you guys get started in music?

Emma: I’ve been singing since I could speak, according to my parents. I LOVED show tunes and classic rock (I was a strange kid). I used to ask my parents to put on the Broadway cast recording of The Rocky Horror Picture show when we were in our car and I was an avid KISS listener. I started writing when I was around 11, after a homework assignment from my guitar teacher helped me realize how great writing songs made me feel.

Jackson: We actually both went to college in Westchester at SUNY purchase. I grew up in a musical family (in Boston) and I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember.


David: When you first formed as a duo, did you guys know what you wanted your sound to be like?

Emma:  yes and no; we started off writing for other artists with the intention of eventually being artists ourselves. We’ve each had this eclectic mix of influences over the years, and I think it translates to our sound now.

Jackson: We honestly didn’t, but because we started out writing songs to pitch to other artists, we actualy got do try writing all different types of songs. This allowed us to very naturally find what our sound was.



David: Your song ‘High Without Your Love’ is constantly stuck in my head and has pretty much been on repeat since it came out. When you guys wrote the song, did you think it’d be as big as it is now?

Emma: would it be bad if I said yes? Just kidding…but I really hoped people would like it as much as we did when we wrote it!

Jackson: We definitely knew we had something special, but its impossible to have any kind of expectation of how a song is going to be received. You just do what you think sounds good and hope other people agree!



David: Who are your favorite male and female singers?

Emma:  Brendon Urie (from Panic! at the disco) and Julia Michaels

Jackson: Blackbear and Julia Michaels



David: Is there anyone you guys would love to collaborate with?

Emma:  Tyler Joseph, (in my dreams) or Brendon Urie

Jackson: The list is endless. My ultimate dream is to collaborate with Max Martin.



David: Can you guys tell me anything about when us fans can expect an EP or album?

Emma & Jackson: I would say we are definitely going to have 3 or 4 new songs out this fall. Then probably an EP in the winter or spring!



David: You guys are going on tour this fall with Timeflies, what’re you both most excited for?

Emma: Getting to see parts of the country I’ve never been to and meeting fans I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to see in person!

Jackson: I’m excited to play for all those people and to see all the different parts of the country too.



David: Is there a certain show either of you are pumped for most?

Emma:   Halloween (Omaha) because I love Halloween. And the Columbus show because we’re playing the venue that one of my favorite bands’ (Twenty One Pilots) first big show was at!

Jackson: San Fran because I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time.



David: What’s is one thing the both of you want fans to take away from your music most?

Emma: that you aren’t alone and that these issues/ topics we are talking about in our music are ok to talk about. They are important and SHOULD be talked about.

Jackson: I want people to get the same rush of excitement, inspiration, and all the other feelings that I get when making the music. Everybody knows that feeling when a song just takes over your life for a bit. I want to give people that feeling and I hope people come away from the music feeling inspired to do whatever they want to do!