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I am so excited to share this interview I did with one of my favorite people in the world and biggest celeb crush, Ross Lynch! You might know Ross from Disney Channels ‘Austin and Ally‘ or from his iconic band, ‘R5′.  Ross and I talked about his new movie ‘My Friend Dahmer‘ where he stars as America’s well-known serial killer Jeffery Dahmer, his band, touring, and his hopes for the future. I want to thank Ross and his manager Andre for supporting me and believing in my blog, it means so much to me. Scroll down to read our exclusive one-on-one interview and be sure to follow Ross on all his social media handles to keep up to date on what he’s doing!

XO Diva

David: Hey Ross! Thank you so much for talking with me for my blog, I’m so excited to be doing this with you. How have you been?

Ross: I’ve been well! Back home for a bit from touring. It’s always nice to have a brief break from the daily grind of tour life. Although I am still writing every day, so the grind is still on…


David: It’s been a year or so since Austin and Ally has ended, what was it like wrapping up the show and do you still talk to any of your old cast mates?

Ross: Yea it’s been a little while. We run into each other every now and then. I haven’t seen Raini for awhile, I see Laura sometimes randomly, and i see Calum regularly. We all have really good relationships. I think our friendships made filming the show more enjoyable for us, and more enjoyable for the viewer. It was a good time.


David: Your band R5 recently dropped a new EP titled ‘New Addictions’, and I am so obsessed with it! I feel like you guys have such a different sound now and I truly think it’s amazing. What made you guys want to title the EP that and do you have a favorite track on it?  

Ross: Thank you! That is one of my favorite compliments. This EP is the first of many for us. We have a lot of songs that we are finishing right now that I personally think are even better than New Addictions.
We were struggling with an EP title that pleased everyone – one of the challenges of being in a band. We were sitting around one day and i said “i love new Addictions”, and everyone was like “that’s the title! NEW ADDICTIONS?!”


David: Have you guys started writing and recording for a new album?

Ross: Yep. Every day. It’s frustrating and amazing all at the same time. We are dealing with a lot of opinions right now.


David: I saw you guys this past June in Boston and you killed it! I was so sad I wasn’t able to meet you before the show because meet and greet had sold out so quickly. Do you have any plans to tour around here again in the near future?

Ross: Oh cool, that’s rad! Thanks for coming! Next time you wanna come to a show just hit up Andre and we will bring you back stage for a photo or something. We still have to do our tour in Europe and South America. Then we will most likely release more music, and then probably another tour in the states. So it could be as soon as summer 2018, but no promises.


David: One thing I am looking forward to most this year, is your new movie ‘My Friend Dahmer.’ I know that it was played back in April at the Tribeca Film Festival and the reviewers were raving about how good you were in it. How did you land that role and what was it like playing one of America’s biggest serial killers?

Ross: I was on tour at the time, and i hadn’t read the script yet but my agent really wanted me to meet the director while i was in New York. So i did, and we got along great. I then read the script and it was amazing (Marc Meyers, our director, wrote the screenplay as well). Six months passed, i was still on tour, and i got an email from Marc asking me to put a few scenes on tape. He really dug it. Then i was in New York again and we met up for a “session”. We read scenes from the film on tape for a few hours. It was really cool. Then i got a phone call asking if i wanted to play Dahmer.


David: What was your initial reaction when you saw the film in full for the first time?

Ross: I saw a super rough cut of it before it was finished. But that didn’t matter, the film has something special about it. Its surprisingly sad.


David: Your brother Ryland did an exclusive drop of hoodies with your last names on them and they were so dope. Do you think you’ll ever do something similar and release your own merch line?

Ross: Haha yea for sure. I have one. They are comfy as hell.


David: You’ve acted and sang most of your life, is there anything else you’d like to try out next?

Ross: Yea I have a fantasy of starting a company. It could be a tech company, clothing, alcohol… I don’t know what it will be yet. I like the idea an entrepreneur.