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I am so excited to share that I was able to do an interview with one of my favorite actresses, Emma Roberts for XO Diva D! Emma gave me the inside scoop on what she does for fun on set of Scream Queens all the way to what her must-have beauty products are. I want to thank Emma so much for giving me the chance to do this with her and for taking time out of her busy schedule. Be sure to tune into FOX every Tuesday night this fall to catch Emma on her hit show Scream Queens!

XO Diva D


David- First off, I just want to tell you what a dream come true this is to be doing this with you! I have been a fan of yours for so long, so thank you so much! You have been in this industry as an actress almost your whole life, do you have a favorite show or movie that you’ve worked on since you’ve started?

Emma- Hey David! Thank you for the sweet words. I think it is beyond cool
you are following your dreams and was touched that you reached out and
wanted to talk to me! My favorite project I’ve worked on is a tough
question. Everything I’ve done has been a unique experience. Wild
Child was a movie I did that really changed my life. I read the script
and fell so in love with it that I got teary eyed at the thought of someone
else playing the role. I went in the audition and gave it everything I
had and they offered me the part later that day which NEVER happens.
The movie shot in England and to go there when I was 16 for the first
time opened my eyes to fashion and art in a way I am so grateful for.
I made lifelong friends on that movie and was really proud of the film


David- You have flawless skin and look amazing! Do you have any must-have beauty products that you use every day? And, what are your tips to looking and feeling great?

Emma- My mom always told me how important it is to take care of my skin. She
never let me get away with not washing or moisturizing my face when I
was younger and now I’m thankful. I’m always getting my makeup done so
when I don’t work I take a break and just go natural with rose hip
oil, sunscreen, and mascara. I love to wear purple mascara when I’m
off. I use the Dior Show mascara. I also always have Neutrogena makeup wipes
in the blue package with me. In my trailer, car, house. I fly a lot
and the liquid restrictions can we a real pain so wipes are easiest and
refreshing. I do a mask every Sunday night to refresh my skin for the
work week ahead. I love the Sisley rose mask. I put it on and go to
sleep and wake up looking refreshed and ready for work.


David- You and Lea Michele are two of my favorite actresses, so when I saw you guys were doing Scream Queens together I was so excited! What is like getting to work with her and the other cast members on the set of Scream Queens?

Emma- I love working with Lea. She has the most amazing sense of humor.
Nobody makes me laugh more. We went to dinner with our moms last night
to introduce them and they’re already friends. So cute!


David- What do you guys do for fun on set of Scream Queens when you aren’t filming?

Emma- I love to read on set! I’m finishing Slow Days Fast Company by Eve
Babitz which I absolutely loved. Now I’m starting Pond by Claire
Louise Bennet which I saw on one of my favorite authors Stephanie
Danler’s instagram. Her book Sweetbitter is in my top 10 favorite


David- Back in 2015 you did a complete Photo-shop free photo shoot with the #AerieREAL campaign and it was so inspiring for so many people, including myself. How was it being a part of something so amazing like that?

Emma- Aerie Real was an incredible experience for me. I loved Aerie and I
remember walking by their billboards in NYC that were unretouched and
thinking how cool such a huge brand was doing something so positive
especially for young women. When we did the shoot I had my 2 best
friends and stylists Kara and Brit there to help style and make me
feel comfortable. My hair and makeup team who I’ve known for years did
the hair and makeup and we shot in New Orleans which is my second
home. The whole thing was so collaborative and made me feel so
uninhibited. I have a sister who’s 15 and I see how instagram can
really damage self esteem so I wanted to show her beauty in a positive
and real way. Not filtered and face tuned.


David- In Scream Queens, your character Chanel Oberlin loves her lattes. Do you have a go-to drink at a coffee shop where you live or at Starbucks?

Emma- I love coffee almost as much as Chanel likes her pumpkin spice lattes
— haha. I do a large iced vanilla latte every morning. Usually with a
bagel and cream cheese.


David-  What is your go to for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Emma-  I love a cheeseburger or a turkey burger for lunch and for dinner I love sushi!


David-  What is the best advice you’ve ever received? And do you have any advice for teenagers and adults who struggle with self love/acceptance?

Emma- The best advice I can give sounds cheesy but it’s true: Always strive
to be your authentic self in every situation. I think it’s so
important to stay true to who you are even if it seems to be going
against what everyone else is doing or saying. Anybody I know who is
successful says it’s because of the very things that have made them
different! Anything I got made fun of for in school I now pour into my
roles. People made fun of me for being short and having crooked teeth
and now I make that into comedy on Scream Queens!