Charli XCX is the moment and always has been the moment. The pop icon has had quite the career, specifically in the past year. With the release of her fifth studio album, “Crash,” Charli topped the UK album chart landing at number one. Supporting the albums release, Charli kicked off her Crash: The Live World Tour on March 26th in Oakland, California with it expected to conclude on November 13th in Mexico City.

It’s no surprise to Angels that the reigning pop star debuted at number one, but was it really the only record of hers that should have made it to the number one spot? The answer is, no. In a time of desperation for versatile pop music to rule the world again, Charli has been doing just that from the start of her career without the credit she deserves. What happened to real award shows? What happened to the real love of music without hate being thrown to different artists for no reason?

While it seems that’s been the new norm for the past decade, the world should be ready for Ms. XCX to dominate the charts and bring the real meaning of pop music back. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other incredible women who are rising to the top and deserve it, but that doesn’t mean someone like Charli XCX should be excluded from that.

I came up with the idea to list some of Charli’s best work, in my opinion. Don’t drag me, it was already hard enough to pick only twenty. Some songs released and some unreleased, these will make you realize what you’ve been missing.

1.) Grins

2.) Emotional

3.) Taxi (unreleased)

4.) Claws

5.) Party 4 U

6.) Constant Repeat

7.) Cloud Aura ft. Brooke Candy

8.) February 2017 ft. Clairo & Yaeji

8.) Angry All The Time (unreleased)

9.) Track 10

10.) What the Hell (unreleased)

11.) Chains (unreleased)

15.) Bel Air (unreleased)

16.) Click ft. Kim Petras and Slayyyter (No Boys Remix)

17.) Vroom Vroom

18.) How Can I Not Know What I Need Right Now

19.) Anthems

20.) Visions