Demi Lovato has been keeping quite busy ruling the world again; kicking off a world tour and releasing a new album, HOLY FVCK, which is iconic by the way. While promoting the new album, Demi sat down with Call Her Daddy host Alexandra Cooper to open up about the start of a new era, going back to their roots, Disney Channel, and much more.

Speaking to Alexandra, Demi also shared that they are sober and a lot of the music on their new album is inspired by the emotions they felt leaving treatment back in December of 2021. “I feel great, but there were all these emotions that I left treatment with,” Demi shared.

“I wanted to convey them in my music. And so the first few songs are, like, really angry. And it’s like, this is who I am; take it or leave it,” they said. Demi has started their 2022 world tour and tickets are now available on; more details can be found on Demi’s official website here.

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