Charli XCX has been having quite the year! From releasing her fifth studio album, CRASH, to going on a sold out world tour, she sure has mission of making this year all hers- and yes, we are here for it. Taking time off from dominating the world, Charli sat down with Marie Claire to discuss all that she’s been up to and give an exclusive insight on her latest album, tour, and direction with this new era.

Speaking on the new album, Charli shared the direction she took with latest record and why she wanted to do something a bit different. “My whole latest album is essentially a walking contradiction, which is quite fun for me,” she said. “My narrative as an artist has been so based in authenticity and doing what I want, almost to the detriment of my career sometimes.”

“I’m continuously contrasting myself with changes in direction, look, and so on… I like my pop stars to be frantic and messy,” she continued. “I don’t need to know what they had for breakfast or about the inner workings of their personal lives. I just want a show and a story. So that’s where I was at with this album—just trying to do that while still being dynamic, and also being honest while also telling lies. I like to mix it up.”

Opening up about taking time to care for herself on her world tour, she told the magazine “It’s pretty hard. I’ve been on tour since the end of March…I’m dancing every night for the entire show—which is a new thing for me, actually—so my body is definitely worn out,” she says. I’m learning how to nourish myself and make sure that I feel good both mentally and physically. It’s definitely a challenge, but I’m trying to learn as I go and take moments of peace when I can.”

On top of the latest record, Charli also has released two iconic songs, Hot In It with Tiesto, and Hot Girl; a single for the highly anticipated film of the summer, Bodies Bodies Bodies.

Charli will continue her world tour through September, but rumors say she isn’t stopping there. Be sure to get your copy of CRASH, out now. While the shows are practically sold out, you can head over to Charli’s official website to see if she’s coming to a city near you.

It’s an XCX World and I think we can all agree that we are here for it.