Our favorite girl posy is heading out on the road again! Keltie, Becca, and Jac sat down with People and shared their excitement after also announcing their second book, ‘Lady Secrets,’ which drops on September 20th. Calling this their “rockstar moment,” Becca shared “We’re really excited to go to all the cities that we haven’t been to before.”

If you didn’t know Keltie Knight loves a bunk bed, well you do now! “I’m taking my bunk, and we get to go on tour like rock stars, and we did it ourselves. It’s the ultimate full circle moment,” Keltie shared. “Jac and I, we’re having our rockstar moment, and it’s so exciting. I’m really excited to get in my bunk and talk from my bunk all day long.”

Sharing her take on all the exciting things coming in the next few weeks, Jac spoke about the typical touring she’s used to, but now it’s a bit different. “It’s funny, because my fiancé is a musician, and I’m usually the one that’s going out and visiting him on tour on his tour bus,” she said. “It’s like a role reversal kind of a thing, where I get to feel like a rock star for the first time ever. I am very excited about that.”

The most exciting part? There’s some major moments in their upcoming book that seems we may be in for many more surprises than we thought. “There’s just a lot, and we really, really went there,” Keltie shared. “I think there’s going to be a lot of jaws on the floor. There was a few secrets that we hope we won’t be sued about. We definitely had to consult our lawyers on this book.”

Well, get your Diet Coke ready ladies and gays… LadyGang is here to save the year, again.

Pre-order ‘Lady Secrets’ here and get tour tickets here.