And just like that… XO Diva D is back!

Unless you’ve living under a rock, you definitely know the one social media account that everyone is obsessed with; Deuxmoi. The “curator of pop culture” account is known for causing a frenzy, but also spilling all the tea the world is dying to know. Celebrity gossip, secret scandals, exclusive teasers, blind items, and so much more… but who is Deuxmoi you may ask? I spoke with the Queen herself to find out how she became one of the internets most talked about accounts and what led up to the start of what she has created.

Don’t get it twisted though, we aren’t dealing with your typical celebrity gossip websites who claims all the stories they post are the “real” and “exclusive” breaking news. The 1.4M Instagram and 50.3K Twitter account makes it clear that all of the information posted has not been independently confirmed, but submitted by people all over. While she isn’t certain all of the stories sent in are 100% accurate, nine times out of ten they are spot on.

Thank you to the Queen for taking the time out of her busy Gossip Girl like life and for being so kind. It can be pretty tough when you’re told “no” or ignored by so many people when reaching out to for interviews. They don’t give me the time of day because I’m not a “big” blogger, but this girl? I adore you and cannot wait to see you continue to dominate social media. You go, girl!

So who is the Deuxmoi? Keep reading and follow on Instagram, Twitter, and subscribe here.

DL: All right, well, I am with the queen of all things celebrity gossip. Deuxmoi, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I’m so excited to speak with you.

Deuxmoi: You’re so welcome.

DL: So I know, for people that might not know, but you originally started Deuxmoi as a lifestyle brand. What made you kind of want to get into the celebrity gossip world?

Deuxmoi: Well, it just actually happened by accident. Over quarantine, I was just bored and in my apartment and posted something asking for people to share their celebrity experiences. And that’s honestly, how it started.

DL: That’s awesome. Did you expect obviously, I mean, I know it was kind of an accident, like you said, but did you expect that it would blow up the way it did?

Deuxmoi: No, not at all. It’s totally a surprise, not planned. Once I started to see the popularity of the account, and started to see the growth, then I was like, hmm, you know, maybe this could be something, but that was not my intention at all. My intention, initially was just to occupy all the free time that we had since we were required to stay indoors at the time, really nobody was going out. And I was kind of not really doing well, mental health wise during that time, it was just a really hard time for me, as I’m sure it was for a lot of people. So I’d go on IG and then I’d look up at the clock, and it would be like one o’clock in the morning. So time would just fly by with posting and reading DMs and responding to DMs. So that’s really what I was using it for; a distraction. And then once it started to gain momentum I was like maybe this could be something, but it was totally a surprise.

DL: That’s so awesome. Obviously you said that it goes is the time goes by so quick, but how many submissions, what do you think like you get a day or weekend? What do you think the most submissions are about?

Deuxmoi: I would say I definitely get in the hundreds of submissions a week. A day? Well, it depends on the day, like if I’m posting or if I’m not posting, obviously, the interaction is less, but if I’m posting, obviously, it increases. So it depends really. Every once in a while, I’ll receive a DM or an email and somebody wants to know, something that’s super niche. But for the most part, it’s basically stuff that’s going on in the news. Like if there’s a new celebrity couple, or if fans are speculating that a celebrity is pregnant or celebrity breakup. There’s never just one specific celebrity that people are asking about but there’s definitely favorites. Like obviously, every time something happens with Harry Styles, or Taylor Swift, or any of the superheroes, they all want to know about that. But, it’s pretty spread out.

DL: Now, what would you say? So, I mean, the thing is, like, the one thing that I like about your account specifically is it’s not really there’s, in my opinion, I don’t think that there’s anything negative on there. I feel like you don’t really focus on the negativity, like a lot of other accounts or publications kind of do. Is there anything though that you’ve gotten submitted to you where you’re like, “okay, I definitely can’t post that.”

Deuxmoi: Anything that has to do with somebody’s sexuality, if they aren’t open about it themselves, I won’t post about it. Obviously, anything that has to do with any sort of legality, so if there’s any accusations, I just won’t post that at all because it becomes too legal. So I would say those are the two main topics that I would receive messages about that I really don’t post about.

DL: Right? So, have there any been any celebrities or any people that you can, you know, obviously, I know you can’t name names. But, have there been any celebrities or public figures or managers or anything that have reached out to you that have asked you to do a story or spill something, you know what I mean?

Deuxmoi: Um, no, not outwardly. So, if they are trying to plant something, let’s say a publicist is trying to plant something about one of their clients, they do not outwardly say, “I’m the publicist for such and such”, they either submit it through a email with a fake return email address, or they submit it using a burner account, like a Finsta, so no, I don’t. If it happens, that’s how it happens.

DL: That’s awesome. It’s pretty cool. I mean, it’s pretty interesting to see. Is there anything, though, that you’ve found out about any certain celebrities that you may have perceived in a really good light that are just, I mean, I know people are people, so everyone is gonna be nice or rude, or have their bad days and stuff like that. But, is there anyone in particular you were kind of shocked to hear about not having the best attitude or relationship with their fans or anything like that?

Deuxmoi: I think for the most part, most celebrities are nice to their fans but I think there are celebrities that won’t take pictures. But, the stuff that was surprising was hearing from people who work with celebrities, who weren’t that nice, behind the scenes. Because, obviously, everyone’s going to be nice to the fans, if you’re not nice to the fans, that’s a pretty bad move on your part. So, it’s hearing from people that worked on specific projects, who had the chance to be around celebrities, or, for example celebrity’s tipping habits, you know, the instances that we wouldn’t necessarily have access to, because they kind of happened behind the scenes. So, I was surprised to hear about certain celebrities in those instances, like JLo is a perfect example of someone who people have worked with that they haven’t had the greatest things to say about her. So, I think when I started my account, I guess I never really thought about about what type of person she was to work with, but I was always such a huge fan of JLo. I was a fan of her music, fan of her movies, fan of her perfume, so I think that was a little disappointing to hear.

DL: Yeah, I mean, one time I’ve heard when I was in the city, actually, I don’t even know how it happened. But, I think a good friend and I were at the Bowery hotel. And we started talking to this car driver, and he actually brought her up about how, I guess there was this rule, where they weren’t allowed to look at her talk to her in the car and stuff like that. So, that was definitely a little disappointing. I don’t know if it’s true, obviously. But, that was kind of sad to me too because I’ve always liked her as well.

Deuxmoi: Yeah, that’s definitely one of the rumors that surrounds her. You can’t look at her. Actually, it’s a rumor for a lot of celebrities. I used to post about it all the time, because I used to think it was so ridiculous. How do you have that rule? How do you say to another human being? “Don’t look at me.” How do you say that? How do you get away with saying that? So, I’ve actually posted about it a lot. But, she’s not the only one who has a reputation for that, but that is definitely a rumor that’s been attached to her name. Which is also disappointing, like how do you not look at someone? It’s so bizarre to me.

DL: Right, and obviously there’s a lot of people and fan bases I mean, in practically the world. In my opinion, I feel like you’re one of the biggest accounts that like ever, which is pretty cool to me. Is there any certain fan base though of any artist or, model or anybody like that, that you feel are like the most dedicated and come to you the most? I know I’ve seen a lot of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift like you said, but would you say those are the two main fans?

Deuxmoi: Yeah, I would say, I mean, people ask me about everyone, people ask me about Rihanna, people ask me about a lot of music people, right? Because they want to know release dates. They want to know new music, they want to know tour dates. So it’s not necessarily actors and actresses. It’s definitely more music. So, Beyoncé and Rihanna, I would say are two others that people ask me about often. I think, Rihanna they stopped because when she announced her pregnancy, they probably resigned themselves to the fact that they weren’t getting new music anytime soon. So, I feel like the Rihanna questions have fallen off. With Beyoncé, like everybody wants to know when new Beyoncé music is. Nicki Minaj is another one. So yeah, like Nicki, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Harry, Taylor. Ariana Grande, they want to know when new stuff is coming from her, really just what she’s been up to because she’s been super super private lately. John Mayer is another one, another big one. Those are the big ones. Adele, but she just released new music. But, when all that anticipation was building up and she was going to release, that was another one they kept asking me about. Selena Gomez, she’s another one. So, those were like the big ones, I think, I get asked about the most.

DL: So on the topic of being asked that, I have to ask you, have you heard anything about Britney? As I’m sure you’ve seen on my Twitter, but have you heard anything about Britney coming up? I know that there was the Oprah interview, the book thing, and then obviously people are saying she’s gonna do Vegas again. Have you heard anything that you can kind of give us brainy fans some excitement?

Deuxmoi: I’ve heard the Oprah interview pretty early on, before she was even talking about on her own Instagram, so I feel like that one could definitely be true. The book, obviously, she announced it. I heard of a magazine cover. I don’t know which one. And then new music. I think I posted, there was a rumor that she was looking for songwriters, and then somebody responded to my post and said, “I have heard that as well.” And the person who responded to my post was a reliable source of mine. So, I think new music is definitely a possibility. Vegas, I can’t imagine she would go back to Vegas. She talks about Vegas so vividly and about what seems like a horrible time she had performing there because of what she was going through behind the scenes, so I just can’t imagine that she would go back there. It seems like a very grueling and was a very terrible time for her personally. So, I can’t imagine her going back to Vegas. I have heard that there has been some drama going on behind the scenes with, I guess her newfound freedom, I’ll say. But, I know she has an assistant now who seems pretty trustworthy. Her lawyer, obviously is fantastic.

DL: Back to Harry Styles though, and Taylor. I’ve seen some stuff too that you’ve shared. I think people have submitted tips. Do you know of any accuracy of him doing the stadium tour, or Taylor going on tour next year, or anything like that?

Deuxmoi: I’m pretty sure Taylor is going on tour next year. I posted about the Taylor stuff a while ago, and I think the first guess was sometime in 2022, and when I posted that I had many people tell me that was wrong, it was definitely going to be 2023. So with that information, I’m pretty confident that she will be touring in 2023. Harry, I don’t know. He just finished a tour. So, I don’t know what other dates he would announce right now. He has two movies coming out this year. First of all, I heard from a couple people, My Policeman is actually really good. They just had screeners for it. So, I don’t know when that’s coming out, I think in the fall, maybe? And then obviously, Don’t Worry Darling, that has to come out this year. I don’t know what the delay is. It’s kind of crazy. So he might be pretty busy this year. So, anything for him, I guess next year.

DL: Yeah, definitely. I’ve heard a lot of stuff about that, and then when I saw someone submit something to you, kind of what you said, he has the movies and everything. But, you never know with a lot of people.

Deuxmoi: Well, yeah, what they said was new music was coming and stadium tour announcement, but they didn’t say when the stadium tour announcement would be for. They didn’t say “stadium tour announcement in 2022.” They just said “stadium tour announcement.” So, it could very well be an announcement for next year. You know what I’m saying? They didn’t specify when that was. Everyone that I talked to seems to be pretty confident that a single is coming very soon.

DL: Speaking of music coming soon, and people like that, is there anyone that you think fans would be excited to hear about that haven’t kind of known that will be returning the music, or will be releasing new music, or going on tour, or anything like that?

Deuxmoi: I did get up blind item about a collab. I was actually going to post it during the “You’ve Got Mail” segment, but I will say it’s about a very popular rapper. But that’s the only new collabs that I’ve heard about. Or anything that could be like shocking. Actually, that’s not true. There’s another collab. Two male artists are collabing, that if it’s true, people are going to fuckin lose their shit. But that’s gonna be a blind item that I’m going to post tomorrow.

DL: Okay, cool. That’s exciting! See, it’s so intriguing to me how people kind of send this information to you, and it causes such a frenzy. I feel like it builds so much excitement for people.

Deuxmoi: It does, but people also get so mad about it. I had someone get so mad about it today. Like, “why are you posting something if it’s not reliable.” It was about music release dates. It was about Harry and I’m like, “are you new here?” It’s a guessing game. I don’t work for Columbia Records. How am I supposed to confirm that? They could change release dates at the last minute.

DL: Right, that is true.

Deuxmoi: Oh, actually, somebody not reliable, I’ll say, sent me, “Selena Gomez will announce her new album in the next eight days. It’s going to be her best era so far, she will have six collaborations.”

DL: Literally what I was just about to ask, you literally was just about to ask you about her. She’s one of my favorites too. And you know, with the whole pandemic, obviously, that kind of delayed her going on tour. I don’t even know if she was supposed to with “Rare”, but I definitely would love to see her on the road again.

Deuxmoi: Yeah, so I’m just gonna go on record saying I don’t know how reliable this is. This is not from one of my normal sources. It just says “Selena Gomez will announce her new album in the next eight days, it’s going to be her best era so far, she will have six collaborations, and I know two of them are Ariana and Drake.” I have no idea how reliable that is. But, someone literally sent me that this week.

DL: I guess the last question that I would really love to know is do you do you see yourself furthering Deuxmoi into something bigger than, obviously the Instagram and Twitter account?

Deuxmoi: I would love to get off of other people’s platforms and have my own platform. I think that’s really important. Because, sometimes working on Instagram, not necessarily Twitter, but Instagram has so many restrictions that it makes it hard to post and, they glitch and my DMs don’t load, and it just becomes really annoying. So, I would love to have my own platform at some point. But TBD! No plans right now.