Jessica Simpson is back and the world is ready now more than ever. The iconic fashion designer, author, musician, actress, and basically the Queen, is ready to put you in your feels with an emotional return to music. After putting fans into a frenzy earlier this week with a post on her Instagram captioned “11.11,” Jessica has now shared what we’ve been waiting for.

Covering the 2017 song, ‘Particles,‘ by Nothing But Thieves, Jessica put her spin on the song giving an incredible performance of the ballad. Jessica has previously shared her journey of struggling and healing in her previous memoir and on social media, but this gives fans an inside look at just how far she has come since those darker days.

Jessica took to Instagram this morning saying “The whole idea of music heals is an honest truth to me. This song saved a broken piece of me,” she said talking about the cover. It is truly remarkable to see just how far Jessica has come over the years and proves that anyone, anywhere, can be struggling with things we don’t know about. It’s important to take a look deeper into the way we treat people and what we say about them because the truth of the matter is, we never really know what happens behind closed doors.

Particles‘ is now available on all streaming platforms. Be sure to also check out the music video below and learn even more about the real Jessica Simpson in her debut 2020 memoir ‘Open Bookhere.

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