Get those wallets ready ladies and gentleman, the new Queen of OnlyFans has arrived…

Erika Costell is no stranger to social media. In fact she is one of the most well known YouTubers in the world and has a fan base like no other. Not only does she dominate the platform, but she also has singer/songwriter and model under her belt.

The social media isn’t stopping there though, she’s now ready to step into the new platform that is giving fans an exclusive behind the scenes look at the lives of their faves all while getting to speak with the personally. The new platform? OnlyFans. The social media influencer is the latest celeb to join the platform and fans already can’t get enough.

In a press release Erika shared she’s “a little nervous” about getting on the new platform, but is something she’s also excited for. “I’m so excited to be the real, raw version of myself that people haven’t seen on other platforms,” she says. “It has been so hard keeping this launch and all of the content around it a secret, but I really wanted it to be a big surprise. I wanted to get on OnlyFans because I do so many things on a daily basis that no one knows about and that my fans have never seen.”

She opened up more about her plans for the new platform and said “I love how OnlyFans has given their content creators the freedom to be their authentic selves with no judgement.” She continued, “what I’m looking forward to most with this launch is sharing unreleased music, showing behind the scenes footage of my latest music video ‘No Roof’, and giving my fans an inside look at my modeling career, my travel experiences and even my love life.”

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