Sales and saving money?! Yes please!

It’s been a little bit, but I am so excited to collaborate with Nectar again to bring you guys great deals and exciting offers that you will love. The company is my favorite mattress in the entire world, seriously! I was lucky to get a king bed from them last year and I had the best sleep of my life.

One thing that’s really awesome about Nectar is that you have a 365-night home trial… who else offers that? Nobody! What’s so cool about it is that you get to test it out (even though you won’t because you’ll be so in love) and have your time to test it out. My personal favorite, besides my bed, are the pillows- they are to die for!

Right now you can get $399 worth of free accessories including sheets, pillows, and a mattress protector with a purchase of ANY mattress. Even more exciting news is that you can use my coupon code, XODAVID, for even more of a discount! This deal won’t last long so check it out and let me know what you guys think.