Watch out YouTube, Chanthony is back in action!

Comebacks are in full force this year, and the latest one just hit YouTube. Chance Sutton and Anthony Trujillo have teamed back up to relaunch their channel after a year long hiatus. Last week, Chance and Anthony shared a teaser video on their socials causing a frenzy for fans, which ended up leading them to believe that Chanthony would be making a comeback.

After some hints and speculation, the guys took to their channel and uploaded a new video titled ‘Chance and Anthony (The Return)‘ on Saturday. The duo announced via their video that they are back in full-force and will be returning to their original Wednesday and Saturday upload schedule starting this week.

The next video, however, will be one to watch where they’ll take a seat and answer ANY of your questions… and they mean any. Cue the sirens and get ready for some truth telling, because these guys have nothing left to lose and are back and better than ever.

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Check out Chanthony’s return video below. Are you OG fans ready?!