She sure is a cannonball of strength!

Lea Michele is covering the October 2019 issue of Health Magazine, and of course the starlet looks stunning while doing so. The singer, author, actress, and QUEEN of wellness chatted with the magazine about labels in Hollywood, health and wellness, being diagnosed with PCOS, and much more.

Speaking on when she decided to get fully into wellness, Lea says “My wellness journey began when I was doing Glee. During season 2, I started realizing I can’t have eight coffees a day—it makes me feel jittery and not good. I can’t have craft services late at night. Yes, it might fill me up, but if I’m eating a certain type of food that’s not going to give me the fuel I need, it’s going to make me tired in an hour.”

She continued, “Our schedule doing that show was insane; it was, like, 17 hours a day—dance rehearsals, recording studio, everything. I started to learn that the better I was eating and the better I was taking care of myself, the better I was looking and performing and feeling. From there, it just started to snowball.”

As for her relationship with her body? The thirty-three-year-old says she’s never really had a bad relationship with her body, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t stress or struggle like most of us do. “I can lose and gain weight very quickly—as a woman in the industry I’m in, that can be very stressful. If I fluctuate one week, they’ll say, ‘Lea Michele is packing it on,'” she says.

“Around 30, my metabolism changed, and I suddenly gained weight and felt out of control. That was a moment where I had to think, “OK, I’m older and things are not going to be the same as they were before.” So I took the time to listen to my body and figure out what it needed. Now, I’m 33 and so happy with my body. My husband thinks I’m the most beautiful girl in the world, which is pretty great. But it’s most about how I feel in my own skin—and I feel truly great.”

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