Brooklyn Beckham Makes His Directorial Debut


Could we have a future movie maker on our hands? Lets hope so!

Brooklyn Beckham has made his directorial debut for indie-pop band, JAWS, and their new music video ‘End of the World.’ Teaming up with Louis Berry, Brooklyn shot the video in Coseley and says that after seeing the band live, it developed his love for them and the song.

“I went to a JAWS gig and I fell in love with a song of theirs called ‘End Of The World,’” he says. “It sparked an idea in me to make a music video for the guys – I met with frontman, Connor Schofield, and the band to ask them if I could. They loved the idea that Louis and I came up with and before we knew it, we were shooting it.”

He continued, “I had so much fun filming and co-directing this one, I would love to direct more videos in future.” The official music video can be found below and don’t forget to follow Brooklyn on Instagram for even more great shots.

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