Delicious, but healthier!

I can’t believe Summer has officially started… it’s so crazy to me how fast time has gone by and that we’re already seven months into 2019; it’s like halfway over! I’ve been trying to eat better for a while now, but of course I still indulge in certain things and don’t deprive myself. Personally, I don’t believe in diets or fad-tricks… I believe in doing what you feel is best for YOU!

With that being said, I wanted to share with you some of my go-to picks for summer time and what I’ve been buying and eating lately. These things are super easy and affordable, so if you get the chance to try them out- let me know. Happy Summer loves!


  • 22 Days Nutrition: I’m in love with the Vanilla Protein Powder and try and have a shake everyday! I always mix up what I’m putting in it, but I always use almond milk, ice, and fruit. I also like to add almond butter or peanut butter because it makes the shake even better.


  • Sweet Loren’s: Guilt-free Cookies? Yes please! I’m a huge cookie fan and prefer cookies to cake and what not, so these are ALWAYS stocked in my fridge for desert or a party, etc.

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  • Once Upon a Farm: While this is considered “baby food,” if Jennifer Garner can eat these from her company… then I can too, lol! These little pouches are great for an on the go kind of day or really just a pick me up that gives you the nutrients you need.

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  • Justin’s: This is my go-to for almond butter, YUM! Like the pouches above, these are always great to have on hand or for a day on the go too. These are the packets I like to add to my protein shakes or snack on if I’m getting hungry and don’t want to eat a ton, lol!

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