Ready to get ‘lost‘ with Loote?

Pop duo, Loote, have unveiled their newest EP and as you guessed, it’s on repeat. The five track EP dropped June 14th, two days before their tour with Betty Who wrapped in Los Angeles.

Managed by Russell Kaplan (Twenty4 Management), Emma and Jackson teamed up with some of their insanely talented friends, including Alex Koste, Kinetics, Andrew Goldstein, and Jussifer to help with the songwriting and production of the new music. The duo also got rapper gnash on their single 85%, the second track on the EP.

Speaking exclusively to One’s to Watch, Jackson revealed what he found challenging while recording and writing the new music. “Keeping things cohesive was kind of challenging because we like so many types of music and we have so many different inspirations and influences,” he said.

He continued, “this stuff is just the realities of what Emma and I are going through, and we’ve always found that we get the most pure, true material if we just talk about our lives and try to put in a poetic and relatable way.”

Emma also opened up to the outlet about her approach to writing songs that tell a story in a unique way. ” I think it’s the same thing as the difference between writing for other people and writing for us,” she says. “It’s less about trying to find a unique way of saying it and just being the most truthful when we say it because at the end of the day it’s us, and I don’t want to misrepresent myself.”

lost‘ by Loote is out now and is available on all streaming platforms. Get it here!