The Queen has FINALLY announced the news we’ve been dying for…

Taylor Swift has answered our prayers and gave us the best news of the month; she will be releasing her new album, ‘Lover,’ THIS summer! The songstress took to her Instagram to share a load of exciting news this past Friday for an intimate live stream for 118M IG followers and even more fans around the world.

“There’s a lot that I’ve been excited about for so long, and I just wanted to wait for the right time to tell you things,” Taylor said. Speaking on the direction of the record, she said “This album, in tone, it’s very romantic and not just simply thematically, like it’s all love songs or something.”

She continued, “I think the idea of something being romantic, it doesn’t have to be a happy song. I think you can find romance in loneliness or sadness or going through a conflict or dealing with things in your life. I think it just kind of looks at those things with a very romantic gaze.”

So when can you get your hands on Taylor’s new album? 8+2+3=13… so take a wild guess! That’s right- August 23rd baby! Taylor will be releasing FOUR limited deluxe edition album versions exclusively to Target that will include a collection of exclusive and never before seen content, lyric books, posters, journal sections, and of course; the new album.

While the album hasn’t been released yet, we can only hope (and pray to the Gay gods) that Ms. Swift heads out on the gayest and most rainbowy tour of her career this year or next. Let us now take a moment to appreciate the Queen and her cleverness; she’s back!

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