Happy Monday my loves! I am so excited to feature the beautiful, talented, and one of a kind- Maggie Lindemann! Maggie and I spoke about her recent tour with Sabrina Carpenter, her new single, and a possible album that might be coming soon? 😉

Thank you to Maggie for being so sweet and thank you to her incredible team/PR for making this happen.

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DL: Maggie, it’s so nice to be talking with you! You’ve been super busy lately, how are you?

ML: I’m good! A lot of really exciting stuff has been going on, busy but really excited.


DL: You’re currently on tour with Sabrina Carpenter, that’s so awesome! What has it been like getting to tour with her and are you sad that it’s ending in a few weeks?

ML:  Tour has been so fun, I have a really good group with me and we’ve really been having so much fun. Sabrina is so sweet and talented being on this tour has been such an amazing experience. I don’t want it to end.


DL: Have you had a favorite city so far on the tour that stood out to you most or had the most energy?

ML: Boston is always a really good spot, they’re always super loud and seem really excited all the time. I love Boston.


DL: I remember following your old poetry page some time ago and knew that there was something majorly special about you, it’s incredible to see how far you’ve come. Do you think your love of poetry has inspired the way you write your music?

ML: Oh my god that’s wild! I used to write a ton of poetry, I love writing. Yes definitely, I also think writing poetry all my earlier years and sharing them with the world has helped me be more open in my writing process with music.


DL: Were any of the poems you wrote back then, or have written in general, later turned into songs?

ML: The concepts have turned into songs, or we’ve put pieces into my music. But for the most part, my music is all really current stuff that’s going on in my life.


DL: One thing I really admire about you is that you’re a complete open book when it comes to sharing your story and really diving in deep with your music. Why do you feel it’s so important to be authentic and real when it comes to your music?

ML: I feel it’s important because people like to feel like they aren’t alone, or to listen to a song and feel like every word resonates with them. And even same with me, I like to put out music and feel like I’m not alone. I feel like the connection is just more genuine and stronger when I’m honest and open.


DL: We both identify within the LGBTQ+ community and are extremely passionate about our community. With both of us being so young and trying to make a difference in the world, do you think it’s important that you’re always using your platform to speak on anything and everything?

I feel like you’re that way 100%, it’s so great.

ML: I think it’s very important to use my platform for things I think are important. If I feel strongly about something, whether it’s littering, equality, or clean water… I feel like it’s really important. If everyone just thought that their voice didn’t matter then we wouldn’t get anywhere.


DL: I got to hear your new single, ‘Friends Go,’ before it’s officially released and you’ve definitely grown lyrically. What was the inspiration behind this song?

ML: Thank you! So many times I’ve been with someone that I knew wasn’t good for me, or I saw all the red flags but chose to ignore them. My friends will be the first ones to tell me to get away, or that I should really think about it, but at the end of the day I’ll do whatever I want… and I’ve definitely had friends distance themselves because of my behavior.


DL: The vibe of the track is very summer timey and overall chill, I love it. Do you feel like you’re experimenting with sounds and songs now that you’re getting older?

ML: I first starting making music when I was 16, I was in a way different place then I am now. I’m growing and still finding out who I am, so in music that changes too. I think I’m definitely coming into my sound, my newer songs feel the most me than anything I’ve done.


DL: With the release of this new track, are you working on any new music as well?

ML: So much new music! I’m working on a bigger project right now also. I have so many songs I want to just drop already!!


DL: Do you have any plans to drop an album this year?

ML: Possibly! Maybe a project before the end of the year? Haha we’ll see!


DL: You also have your line, ‘SWIXXZ,’ which is so dope I might add. What got you into wanting to design your own stuff and do you have any more drops coming soon? I need to get some stuff, the pieces are incredible.

ML:  When I was little I had this mannequin like body that’s I ALWAYS would wrap up in clothes and different fabrics. I have always wanted my own clothing line, I love fashion. There’s another drop coming really soon! It’s gonna be insane, way crazier than the first so keep an eye out!


DL: Before we wrap up, you really have done so much at such a young age- it’s truly inspiring and I have so much love and respect for you.

Do you have any goals for this year, or even the next few years, that you want to accomplish… personally and/or career wise?

ML:  I really want to drop my project and go on a tour with it. That’s the goal right now. I want to be happy too, I think releasing the music and being genuinely happy with it is the main goal. But I got big plans for the future.


DL: It was so nice speaking with you angel, continue shining and please stay in touch. I’m so proud of you! xox

ML: Thank you so much, always a pleasure!