My Favorite Face Masks Right Now


Get ready for your new favorite face masks!

Whether you follow me on my socials or know me personally, you know how much beauty and skincare excite me. I am a beyond obsessed person with face masks… and I mean OBSESSED.

I try to a face mask every other night of the week, usually the day after I shave my face since I shave every other day. I find that when and if I do a face mask on the days I shave, my skin gets a bit irritated and we DO NOT want that!

Personally, I try and go for face masks that are all hydration and blemish control. My skin is nowhere as bad as it used to be, but of course I still have my occasional moments. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite masks at the moment since I’m always changing and switching them up.

Let me know if you try them!


  • Goldfaden MD: I just started using these in the last few weeks, but the Facial Detox and Doctor’s Scrub are incredible! They give the greatest tingly sensation while clearing you up, deff a must have for any beauty lover.

Image result for goldfaden md logo


  • Beauty Lounge Med Spa: Pore Refining Pumpkin & Clarifying Mint Mask- these two are my favorite and I usually use them more than any others! I also use Micro Scrub once a week from them too- it’s life changing.

Image result for beauty lounge med spa face masks


  • Mario Badescu: These masks are also a keen role in my skin regime! I switch between them all- the Cucumber Tonic, Healing & Soothing, and Flower & Tonic are some of the many I use.

Related image


  • Patchology: This company offers a major wide variety of masks, legit one for anything and everyone! I am constantly using their masks; whether it be the Mud, Soothe, or Hydrate- they’re all so great.

Image result for Patchology

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