Busy Philipps Cried When This Person Called Her…


I think it’s safe to say that we’d all cry…

Busy Philipps has reveled the story behind the phone call that brought her to tears, and guess who it was with?! OPRAH! While stopping by Late Night With Seth Meyers, the fellow TV host shared the story about when the 65-year-old legend called her.

“I’m of the generation where I would come home after school, make my plate of microwave nachos, and I would see what I needed to learn that day from Oprah,” she said. Busy continued “So we talked about how it would be funny on my set to have an Oprah phone,” she continued. “We gave members of her staff the phone number from the minute that the show launched. The phone number was a real phone number for her.”

And you’ll never guess what happened, well yet you will. “I never kind of expected it to happen or for her to call, and I always thought that if she were gonna call … I would be told and prepared for it. And that was not what happened,” she said.

Want to know what happened next?! Watch the interview below!

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