Get those credit cards ready, dolls!

Kylie Jenner’s highly anticipated new Kylie Cosmetics drop is happening TODAY. Adding twenty-four products to her makeup empire today, Ky will be dropping new KYLighters, Bronzerz, Blushes, and of course- Lipsticks and liners.

There will be six hues in the Bronzer drop, six new Blushes, six new KYLighters, three new matte nude toned Lipsticks, and three new liners that are using Kylie’s original formula.

The makeup mogul revealed that she was extremely excited for fans to get their hands on the new and improved KYLighters back in the end of 2018. Earlier this week when showcasing the new collection, Kylie said “I basically amped up the pigmentation and the highlighters are pretty blinding,” speaking about the six new beauties.

The entire new drop will be available TODAY only at!