Joey King Opens Up About Shaving Her Head For A Movie Role


See what the 19-year-old had to say!

Joey King is gracing the cover of L’Officiel Paris for their 2018 Winter issue and talked about her newest role, and why she shaved her head for it. Speaking to the magazine, Joey said she “couldn’t care less” about her hair and that she isn’t “too attached” to it either.

“When I heard that I was going to have to shave my head for the third time in 10 years, I decided to go blonde,” she said. She continued, “They tell me I’m brave, but I’m not. I’m just shaving my head.”

The actress also opened up about being a childhood actor and her advice to others in the industry who are. “If I have any advice for child actors, it’s to not take yourself so seriously. It has to stay a joke even if it’s a job, and a serious one at that,” she said.

It’s so incredible to see such a young woman be so inspiring and knowledgeable at such a young age, so many women (young and old) don’t get the credit they deserve.

Be sure to check out more of Joey’s time with the magazine here!


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