These are the best!

You guys know how much I love Super Coffee, but I also am so obsessed with the newer Super Creamer! As weird as it might sound, I actually use the vanilla creamer in more things than just my morning coffee. Why? Because it doesn’t even taste like your normal coffee creamer! It’s sweet, but healthy, and so much better than adding other artificial sweeteners and such.

I usually have a shake one a day or so, and I just recently started adding the vanilla creamer- and yes, it was the missing ingredient I needed. Personally, I use unsweetened almond milk, but you can use regular whole or whatever milk you like in your shakes. I’ll do a cup of milk, 1/2 cup vanilla creamer, a scoop of protein powder, and then throw in some fruit and/or almond butter to give me that extra protein!

While I haven’t tried it on my waffles like my friends at Super Coffee have, I can say that I might be trying it very soon! You can literally drink this stuff straight (if you wanted too anyways, lol) and it isn’t unhealthy at all. There’s zero grams of sugar, 3grams of protein, and is only 50 calories- BIG YES!

Be sure to get your Super Coffee + Super Creamer here!