Life Size 2 Premieres On Freeform This Sunday


Eve is back, dolls!

Tyra Banks is gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated sequel to her iconic film, “Life Size,” and it’s premiering THIS Sunday on Freeform! The flick will kick off the second day of Freeform‘s annual ’25 Days of Christmas’ marathon. Starring in the new film will be none other than the original Eve, Tyra Banks, and Francia Raisa as Grace- the CEO of a toy company that has Eve as a doll.

As for the synopsis of the film? Freeform gave a brief, but exciting, statement regarding it saying- “Grace, the young CEO of Marathon Toys, is in the middle of a quarter-life crisis as she struggles with her job. With the help of her young neighbor, Grace’s old doll magically awakens to help get Grace back on track.”

Are you guys excited to “shine bright” with Eve? I sure as hell am! While I’m a bit bummed that Lindsay Lohan won’t be apart of the sequel, I am looking forward to seeing the film come back with Tyra. I’m sooo glad Tyra had the idea to bring it back for a number two and can’t wait to watch the premiere.

Life Size 2” premieres this Sunday, Dec 2nd on Freeform. Check out the trailer below!


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