Erika Costell Drops Mega Girl Anthem, “Girls Night”


It’s a girls night, YEAH!

Erika Costell has dropped her latest (and maybe the greatest) single, “Girls Night,” and it’s a banger. The mega-girl party anthem is not only a super catchy bop, but one hell of a dance song.

Announcing the title, release date, and more in her latest vlog, Erika reveled that the song is “fun” for her and that it’s about “girl power,” something we so need right now in this world! Erika went on to say that the song was created to “make girls feel powerful” and to have a song where “it’s your birthday and you can party with your girls.”

While the Miami birthday-themed music video won’t be out until later today, the official single is now available for streaming and purchasing. Be sure to get the single and head over to Erika’s YouTube channel for the music video later today!

Erika’s Instagram and Twitter

Erika’s merch

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