Well isn’t this just super!?

This was just too good not to share! My friends at Super Coffee have been featured on Forbes’ iconic “30 Under 30” list- a set of lists issued by the magazine that recognize and feature 600 businesses and figures with thirty selected in twenty industries each.

Featuring Jordan, Jimmy, and Jake; the magazine gave a background story on the company- “Tired of unhealthy bottled energy drinks, Jim, Jake, and Jordan DeCicco created Kitu in Jordan’s Philadelphia University dorm room. Inspired by the ketogenic diet, they brew organic Colombian coffee blended with lactose-free protein and MCT oil from coconuts instead of milk and sugar.”

They continued, “With only 80 calories and zero sugar, Super Coffee worked so well for the brothers that that Jim left his career on Wall Street and Jordan dropped out of school, forfeiting his full scholarship, to accept the Peter Thiel Fellowship.”

You guys know how much I love these guys and their company, so I just couldn’t be more proud of them! While this is just the beginning to their world takeover, I know that every single one of you will love what their products have to offer. Congratulations to them…so let’s celebrate by drinking some Super Coffee!!

Head over to the official website now to check everything out!

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