Sarah Jessica Parker Reflects On “Hocus Pocus”


SJP is going down memory lane!

Sarah Jessica Parker stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week on Halloween and chatted about earlier memories as a child dressing up and her iconic movie, “Hocus Pocus.”

Shockingly, Sarah really doesn’t seem to be an avid-watcher of the movie like everyone else on Halloween. She chatted about not really remembering what the movie was about and how she hasn’t really seen it much since it came out over 25 years ago.

She said “I don’t have a lot of memories, I mean I remember the filming of it – I just don’t remember what the movie is about as much.” She continued, “apparently my character’s not very bright – but I fly and sing and I think I like to suck the life… I think I like to kill children? I don’t know.”

While she doesn’t really remember the movie, she does remember one thing she loved. What that might be? Flying! “I loved flying. They’d call ‘cut’ and they’d go to lunch or maybe they’d change the lens, and I would just sit up there and read the Times while people took their breaks or changed the camera and sometime went to lunch.”

Watch the full interview below to hear more about SJP’s time on the set of “Hocus Pocus,” and also her new movie “Here and Now” that’s coming out soon!

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