Erika Costell Is Bringing ‘Karma’ To Another Level With New Single & Video


She doesn’t need to be a bitch, because she knows Karma is gonna deal with it!

Erika Costell is coming for weaves and wigs…so get that glue ready dolls! The queen released her new single, ‘Karma,’ on November 2nd along with her third music video in support of the track. In an exclusive behind the scenes documentary for Erika’s new single, she revealed that it was crafted back in August in only an hour!

While the song title describes what it’s about perfectly, Erika shared with fans that this song came from a place where people who used to be in her life fucked her over and how it was very “easy for them” to do so. It’s sad that good people can be taken advantage of or even used for others benefits, but I’m so glad to see that Erika rose about all of that crap and is shining more than ever.

Karma‘ is out NOW! Be sure to get the single here + watch the official music video, which out now. Don’t forget to follow Erika on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel for the latest and greatest updates on her life- you don’t want to miss a beat. You can also follow one of the best Erika fan update accounts here too! Take a peek at some behind the scenes pics from the video below!




One thought on “Erika Costell Is Bringing ‘Karma’ To Another Level With New Single & Video

  1. Fab article, and I love you! You always bring positivy to everything you do, I didn’t I know you wrote pieces like this but I’m in the UK, I love your twitter, and will Deffo be looking for more like this xx

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