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I am so excited to share my newest interview with you guys, Sophia Scott! Sophia and I chatted about her earliest memories of music, songwriting, musical inspirations, and her new single, ‘Strangers Again‘- which is out NOW! Be sure to keep up with Sophia on her socials below so you don’t miss the latest and greatest updates with her, she’s for sure one to keep on your radar.

Thank you to Sophia + Ava at Tallulah PR & MGMT for being so sweet, I adore you! I hope you guys enjoy this new interview as much as I did doing it. Be sure to check out Sophia’s new single, ‘Strangers Again,’ which came out today here! xox

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DL: Sophia, I am so excited to be talking with you! How are you?

SS:  Hi same!! I’m great!! 🙂


DL: Let’s start from the beginning, when did you first discover your love for music?

SS: I think I found my love for music watching Disney movies growing up.  The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Hercules – I would sing all of those songs on repeat.


DL: You’ve been doing covers of songs on your YouTube channel for a few years now, and may I just say… WOW! My favorite is definitely the cover you did of Niall Horan’s ‘Slow Hands,’ so good. What made you want to start uploading covers to YouTube?

SS: Thank you, I love that song!  My roommate actually suggested I start doing it because he’d seen other artists having success with it.  I was already learning songs that I loved anyway so I figured I may as well share them.


DL: What would you describe your sound to be? I feel like you fall in the lines of Pop and Country, kind of like Taylor Swift’s Red era. You’ve covered so many different genres of songs, it’s insane to see that your voice can fit each song so well because not many people can do that.

SS: Oh wow that’s quite a compliment thank you! Right now I am referring to my sound as ‘Southern Pop’ because there is quite a bit of soul/R&B along with the country/pop elements. I wish I didn’t have to be defined by a genre because every song is different, but that’s what I’ll say for now.


DL: Who are some of your favorite singers and songwriters that you get inspiration from?

SS: There are so many.  Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, James Taylor, Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain, Mariah Carey, Stevie Nicks, Toni Braxton, the list goes on.


DL: Do you find yourself listening to multiple genres of music, or just Pop and Country? What’s your playlist like right now?

SS: I listen to just about everything (although maybe not heavy metal). I’ve been feeling super nostalgic lately so I just made a playlist called ‘Phunky Phemales’ which is a combo of my favorite female bands and artists growing up (including those said above).


DL: Your most recent single, ‘White Fence,’ is extremely powerful. It’s like a bad ass woman type of song and when I listened to it, I was like “this girl is going places.” What was the inspiration behind this track?

SS: Thank you! This song was written with the mindset to empower and inspire female independence. I wanted to talk about the pressures I know a lot of women face when having to conform to societal norms against their will.  My intention was never to put down the idea of a nuclear family but just to remind listeners to do what’s best for them (to quote the song haha).

DL: What made you want to call the tack ‘White Fence’?

SS: The song is a metaphor for the so called “white picket fence” lifestyle and so I thought the title ‘White Fence’ was unique and would spark interest.


DL: I think one of my favorite lines in the song is “even though my Mama don’t agree, I just want to do what’s best for me.” That line really hit close to home for me because I think most parents don’t completely understand their children sometimes. Even if they do at times, I still like the whole message of doing what’s best for you. Have you always had the mentality of wanting to do what makes you happiest, or is that something you started doing as you grew up?

SS: I’m glad you like it! I think I have always danced to the beat of my own drum and done things that were good and bad for me. My parents were pretty strict growing up, but they always let me be who I was regardless if they agreed or not. I think it is SO important to be able to agree to disagree in any relationship. What’s best for one person is certainly not always best for another person.


DL: Now let’s talk about your new single, ‘Strangers Again.’ This song is by far my favorite from you, no joke! When did you write and record this track?

SS: Ah yay!! Stoked to hear that. I wrote this song a few months ago in Nashville and recorded the final version here in LA.  I kept thinking about how odd it is that when you break up with someone so important they turn back into a stranger and more or less disappear from your life.  I was like, “we have to write a song about this, everyone can relate to this weird feeling!”


DL: This song also seems like a bad ass woman anthem, is that your goal when you’re making music, to empower others?

SS:  Don’t get me wrong I’d love to empower people with every song I write, but sometimes I just want to level with the listener.  I want people to feel comfort in my music and be a reminder that you’re never alone whether you’re experiencing empowerment, joy, anger, fear, stress, jealousy, or sadness (to name a few).


DL: Are you currently working on an EP or album? When do you want to have one of the two put out?

SS: I am working on an EP and I’m so excited to share it!  Hopefully will be out in mid to late November! 🙂


DL: Is there any artist or songwriter that you’d like to work with most?

SS: Ultimate dream – Stevie Nicks or Sheryl Crow, I feel like I could learn a lifetime of lessons in just five minutes with either of them. Also Drake!


DL: You’re just getting started and I see you going so far in life, so do you have any goals for the next five years or so?

SS: I appreciate that and gosh I have so many so many goals.  I want to work with more people who inspire me and challenge me to work harder every day. I want to push myself and not be afraid to get out of my comfort zone. I want to go on a world tour and perform live for people in different countries. I want to put out an album (or three).  I want to bring more awareness to the importance of education and help support music programs in schools worldwide. I want to improve my guitar and piano skills and be able to play both on stage back to back. Oh, and I want to hear my song on the radio!