Are you guys ready for your new obsession?

I think we can all relate to the fact that we love editing pictures, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., we always throw an edit on there. I’m extremely picky with the apps I use to edit my photos because I never want to look like something/someone I’m not.

My friend Drake recently launched a new photo app with a group of his friends called Splish. The app allows you to not only edit your photos with regular filters, but it also lets you apply live filters…how sick!? If you aren’t familiar with live filters, they basically are cool edits you can put on your photos that move and/or create a design of your choice for the photo.

One of the things I love most about this app though, is that you can also connect with people and post the photo to not only your Instagram stories, but to the app itself. In my opinion, this is the new and improved VSCO and Afterlight apps. I always used both of these apps when editing photos, but now I don’t even bother since I have Splish!

The wide variety of filters, both live and regular, are incredible and I can’t get over how cool they look. You can do a basic edit or you can do a crazy edit, whatever floats your boat. I hope all of you get the app and try it out, I know you’re going to love it! I also have something very exciting planned with them coming very soon, so stay tuned 😉

Get the Splish app here!