Get ready for your new favorite face mask!

It was so much fun hanging out with my girl Erika and the rest of the crew at the past Team 10 Tour shows that I went too, but it was even better getting a few skin care tips from her friends and makeup artist, Aaron Paul!

Since Erika and the goat squad are constantly on the go for their current tour, it can be hard on their skin and they need that little extra boost to help clear it up. What helps? Just two ingredients that you can make a face mask out of!

Aaron taught Erika and the rest of her girls that mixing Fage Total 0% Milkfat Yogurt and the juice from one lemon can be made into a DIY mask that’ll help clear your skin and prevent any future or current breakouts you might be dealing with. I used the mask the night I was told about it, and now I’ve been using it every single night!

The thing I love most about the mask is that it leaves my skin super soft after, and it isn’t harsh or irritating to it whatsoever. Aaron suggests leaving the mask on until it hardens on your skin, which is about 35-45 minutes for me when I use it each night. This mask is so easy to create and it has some awesome benefits, I know you guys will love the results. I wrote down a quick step by step instruction guide on how I apply and leave the mask on, so take a peek below and tweet me and Erika what you think!! Thank you for my new fave face mask Aaron, I’m so glad Cortney and Shannon told me about it…I love it!

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Take a generous amount of yogurt and put it in a bowl.

Squeeze all the juice out of a lemon onto the yogurt.

Mix the lemon juice and yogurt in your bowl until it looks pasty.

Apply the product to your entire face (neck as well if you’d like).

Leave on until mask hardens, usually for 35-45 minutes.

Remove mask by washing your face with hands OR soft facial towel.

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