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“There is influence, and then there is impact. Kim Kardashian West is among the rare few with both in spades.”

Kim Kardashian West will be getting the CFDA Influencer Award this June! The award show, in partnership with Swarovski for thr 17th year, will take place on June 4th at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

“With over 200 million followers across her social media channels, she was one of the first to monetize her digital platforms and create a two-way dialogue with her followers,” said CFDA about the announcement.

Tommy Hilfiger (a CFDA Board Member) shared his feelings on Kim getting the award by saying ““Kim is the most important and powerful influencer in the world. Her reach extends far beyond her own brands,” he explained. “Every time she wears, posts or talks about a fashion brand, there is an immediate and significant increase in both awareness and sales.”

I couldn’t agree more with what Tommy or CFDA‘s choice to have Kim as the honoree this year. For more info on the announcement, click here.