White Box

You guys know my need for coffee on a daily basis and the pickiness I have for what I try. I recently discovered a company called Super Coffee, and now I’m beyond obsessed. I initially found out about the company from my friend Sam, a cousin to the founders, and also because they were on the hit show SharkTank. The story behind Super Coffee made me so interested in the brand, I knew I had to work with them.

The company was founded by Jordan DeCicco, a former college athlete who couldn’t keep his eyes open for the life of him because of how tired and run down he was. Jordan refused to be like any other normal college student who’d buy a sugary drink filled with unpronounceable ingredients, so this resulted in him conceiving Super Coffee in his college dorm. After getting all the right ingredients together and putting the finishing touches on his product, he began to sell it to classmates, dorm mates, and friends. When Jordan realized the incredible potential behind his work, he dropped out of college and convinced his brothers Jake DeCicco (COO) and Jimmy DeCicco (CEO) to join him. How incredible is that background story, isn’t it so inspiring and cool!? I can’t get over how awesome they are.

Offering four flavors including Maple Hazelnut, Vanilla Bean, Creamy Black, and Smooth Mocha; each beverage contains 10g of protein and 0g of sugar, while only being 80 calories. What’s even better is that each beverage is non- GMO, gluten-free, lactose-free, low-calorie, sugar-free, and each flavor is mouthwatering. The company has been featured on Good Morning America as one of 2018’s Hottest Trends and is also loved by supermodel Karlie Kloss, who has been seen walking around with her bottle in New York City.

Super Coffee is available on Amazon, and in retail stores between Washington, D.C. and New York City, including Wegmans, Whole Foods, Wawa, QuickChek, Acme and Fairway, among others. Super Coffee is also available in fitness centers, including Equinox, Vida Fitness, Crunch, Tone House, Switch Playground and Dogpound, as well as on  college campuses, corporate cafeterias and hospitals nationwide. Head over to the site to learn more about the brothers and get yours now, at drinksupercoffee.com.