The Kardashian Salads I Can’t Get Enough Of

Image result for kardashians hollywood reporter

If you know me, you know how much I love my Kardashian/Jenner girls! If you’re familiar with the girls and KUWTK, you’ve definitely heard of the iconic ‘Kardashian Salad’ obsession. In almost every episode one of the girls is always eating a salad from Health Nut, based in California. Now I know what you’re thinking, they’re probably paid or something like that to promote the salads/restaurant- but that’s WRONG! The sisters are just obsessed with the salads and can’t get enough of them.

Being on the east coast I’ve yet to have a salad from their restaurant, but I was able to make a copy cat recipe of theirs and even use the salad dressings they use! I went online and because they have all the salad ingredients listed, I was able to head to my grocery store and get everything I needed to make them. I ended up getting in contact with my new friends at Health Nut and they were kind enough to send over a few bottles for me since I can’t get them where I’m based, but now YOU CAN! They now have the salad dressings online to be purchased, and let me tell you…YOU NEED THEM. My personal favorite is their Sesame dressing, but they have a few other options online too!

Head over to Health Nut’s website to get your dressings and the recipe to whip up a salad, they’re seriously the best! However, if you’re on the west coast (Woodland Hills, CA area) head on in and get a fresh made salad. Let me know if you guys order any of the dressings or if you head in, I know you’ll love it!!

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