It was so much fun getting to chat with Isabelle Tales, aka Isa Tales! Isabelle is a plant food connoisseur and holistic wellness guru. She’s also the founder of IsaTales.com, one of my favorite websites for all things health and wellness! With an incredibly inspiring story and a great knowledge with health, Isabelle and I talked about it all. Be sure to follow Isabelle on Instagram and don’t forget to check out her website that I mentioned above, you’ll love it as much as I do.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me Isabelle, I adore you and wish you nothing but the best! xox


DL: Hey Isabelle, it’s so nice to be chatting with you! How have you been love?

IT: I’ve been great! Thank you. Lots of change, but change is growth.


DL: You run one of my favorite health/wellness go-to’s, your site IsaTales.com. What initially made you want to start up your own website?

IT: Ever since I was 15 years old, health has been at the forefront of my actions. My health hasn’t always been consistent; it’s fluctuated for sure, and with that, I’ve learned a lot that I find to be extremely valuable for other individuals facing similar health struggles.


DL: You’ve been very open about your diagnosis with hypothyroidism that you found out about when you were just fifteen years old. I admire your bravery and strength for being so open and sharing your story, it’s incredible. What made you want to start sharing your story with people?

IT: First, thank you for your kind words! And second, I mirror them right back to you. As you know, it is difficult sometimes to share personal struggles with the public. There is fear that others may not care or understand, but at times it’s important to ask for help. Sharing my health story not only helped others to understand what I was going through, but also allowed me to help others with hypothyroidism and the ailments that come with it such as depression, anxiety, weight gain/loss, etc.


DL: Did the diagnosis contribute to the way you started eating and living, or was it something that you were inspired to change and do by someone/something else?

IT: 100%. My lifestyle only changed because of my diagnosis. However, it didn’t take long for me to see positive results from eating a plant-based diet and dedicating time to self-reflection. When I look back now, it honestly is unbelievable that I went so long feeling like absolute s#!t (excuse my language)- but it’s true! People don’t know how great they can truly feel until they make a lifestyle change.


DL: When you started to change your eating habits, was it hard at first or did it come naturally to you?

IT: When I go back to the very beginning, in middle school and early high school, I cut out carbohydrates because I wanted to be “skinny”, and that was difficult emotionally and physically. When I started to actually become sick with hypothyroidism, making the change was a breeze. I barely thought about it. I just knew what needed to be done and I got it done. So now when I’m working with clients, I explain the legitimate changes that will happen in their body (skin will become clear, fatigue will disappear, digestion will improve, etc.) and they are more inclined to stick with their goals in a positive light, then the weight follows.


DL: My relationship with food has always been so hard ever since I started my teen years when developing an eating disorder. I’m thankfully in a better place now, but still think there’s such a misconception on food and eating disorders. How did you get to such a good place with yourself and what you were feeding your body in a healthy way?

IT: We’re luckily in a culture now where mental illness and eating disorders are open to discussion. A true eating disorder doesn’t disappear overnight. It is so hard. It’s about changing habits and rewiring your brain to think in a positive light, which can take years, but there is an end. If you are open to changing and honest with yourself, the universe will help you grow. Of course, each individual is different, but I found that a holistic approach helped me the most. I believe I will always start there with clients.


DL: I truly believe that what you feed and nourish your body with affects your overall mental and physical health, did you find that to be true when you started changing your eating habits?

IT: Definitely! I cannot stress this enough. Everything is mental. If you believe you are happy and healthy, you will start eating (natural) colorful foods and healthy ingredients. Think raspberries, kiwis, cocao and green tea— colorful foods with myriad nutrients that will help you balance internally and reconnect as a natural being. We are a natural species, so doesn’t it make sense that we should be eating natural ingredients to feel our best, physically & emotionally? Even if it just means switching your Aunt Jemima’s maple syrup pancake with a sprouted grain pancake with 100% pure maple syrup, that’s a step toward a happier brain and healthier heart.


DL: Do you follow a certain diet, or do you just eat clean and indulge when you want to?

IT: I follow a whole food, plant-based diet 95% of the time. I’m not opposed to eating eggs or fish, I’m just careful about where they come from and how they are raised. I buy eggs if they are 100% organic and pasture raised; I buy fish (mostly only salmon) if it is wild caught and local.


DL: What does a normal breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack look like for you on the daily?

IT: Breakfast is always my low-glycemic thyroid smoothie (¼ avocado, dandelion greens, ginger, parsley, unsweetened coconut milk, matcha powder and plant-based vanilla protein powder), lunch is my biggest meal (usually roasted veggies, quinoa/beans/or non-gmo tofu, nut butter or hummus), if I’m hungry for dinner, it’s usually something light like salad or a bit of fruit and almond butter.


DL: Your skin is so flawless, it’s so clear!! What’re some of your secretes to good looking (and feeling) skin?

IT: Ugh, it isn’t always! While my diet definitely contributes to my skin, my lifestyle plays the heavier role. If I’m feeling stressed and not exercising or taking time to self-reflect, my cortisol levels get out of control and my skin goes on a rampage. This is actually why I am such a strong advocate of a holistic approach. It’s not always about the food on your plate. Overall wellness means lifestyle health as well.


DL: Have you ever thought of creating or releasing a health/wellness book? I think that would be so amazing!

IT: Thank you! Not yet, but I am planning to release a functional food product hopefully in the next year or so.


DL: Do you have goals for the next few years as you continue your health and wellness journey?

IT: Continuous growth! There is always more to learn. Especially in the health industry, as functional nutrition is so new. As research continues to surface, I hope to grow and adapt, and become a better overall voice for young individuals interested in their wellbeing.


DL: Again, you are so incredible for sharing your story…I admire and relate to you wanted to do that so much! Thank you for chatting with me love, you’re the sweetest!

IT: Thank you, David. Seriously, back at you!