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I was so excited to get to chat with JC about all things YouTube, his goals for the future, how he got into filming, and who inspires him- it was a blast! JC has such a big heart and a great sense of humor, you guys need to make sure you’re keeping up with him.

Be sure to follow JC on Instagram, Twitter, and Subscribe to his YouTube channel; he has some big plans for the new year that you definitely don’t want to miss! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. xox


David: Hey JC, so excited to be chatting with you! How has your year been so far?

JC: 2018 has been the best year of my life so far! A lot has been changing!


David: You’ve been making YouTube videos for a bit now, but what made you want to start out filming in the first place?

JC: Well it’s always something I’ve wanted to do but seeing my sister do it and be successful definitely inspired me to get started when I did.


David: For someone whose still up and coming, you really are doing great. 86K subscribers? That’s really good! How was it when you saw the number of subscribes continue to go up and up?

JC: It was honestly amazing! I love seeing the fan base grow and knowing I’m entertaining so many people and making an impact everyday on so many people.


David: Your sister is the beautiful Erika Costell, and she seems to be so supportive of you making videos. Was she an inspiration for how you created and delivered content to your audience, or did you want to go in a different direction then her?

JC: Of course! she’s a big inspiration and she’s helped me every step of the way, I really be love without her I wouldn’t have got started when I did.


David: What’s been your favorite video that you’ve done so far?

JC: Definitely when we I went and got Jake a $200,000 truck. not even because it has the most views. that video was just an amazing experience to film. we started filming at 9 in the morning and didn’t stop until 7 that night and just all the help that went into making it and the connections it took to get put together was amazing to see it all put together and seeing so many people enjoy it.


David: Do you have any big video plans for this year?

JC: I for sure have some big things planned no spoilers aha but stay tuned there’s some things you won’t want to miss I promise you that!


David: Being a YouTuber now, do you have any vloggers that you look up or get inspiration from for your videos?

JC: Jake and my sister have a big impact on me not necessarily just from their videos but just from seeing them succeed and them showing me it’s possible to do what I’ve always wanted to which is entertain so many people.


David: Is there anyone you hope to collaborate with that’s on YouTube right now?

JC: I’d love to collaborate with Tanner Fox. He seems like he’d be a really cool dude to work with.


David: You film a lot of the time, but do you have any favorite things to do when you aren’t?

JC: Yes!! Whenever I’m not filming I spend the majority of my time with my beautiful girlfriend Maddy. She makes me so happy so anything I do with her is my favorite way to spend my time when I’m not filming.


David: I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this, but you so need to do some merchandise….any plans for that!? It’d be so fire!

JC: I can’t say what it’ll be but I’ve 100% got some things in the works… look out for that a little closer to 100k on YouTube!


David: You’ve done a lot so far and you’re still getting started, I’m proud of you for staying true to yourself! Is there anything you hope to accomplish most this year with your channel and career?

JC: Thanks so much for you kind words it really means a lot! My goal is to reach 500k subs by the end of this year and move out to my favorite place in the world… Los Angeles, California! It’s a really big goal but I always like to strive high and put my 100% into everything I do so I really believe it’s possible!