It was such a pleasure talking with one of the kindest and most talented people, Rachel Platten. From talking about the true meaning to her newest single “Broken Glass”, being a supporter to the LGBTQ Community, her new album, all the way to her favorite things to do when she’s back home in Boston- we discussed it all. Rachel is one of the kindest people I have ever talked with, and I am so thankful to have been able to do this with her.

Rachel’s newest album “Waves” is available now, and can be bought here. Enjoy our talk, my loves! xox

David: Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for taking some time out of your schedule to chat with me for my blog, I’m so excited about this, I am such a big fan of yours!

Rachel: Umm you are adorable and kind and I am excited too! Thank you!

David: First off, how are you!? You just released your new single ‘Broken Glass’ and I am loving it, where did the inspiration come for that song?

Rachel: I hadn’t been telling the full truth about the inspiration behind this song – but recently I told the story on a podcast so I guess I’ve got to. I wrote it right before the election…imagining what it might be like to break that highest ceiling and have a woman as our president. But, I also wrote it for me, because until that point in my songwriting for the album I’d been afraid to speak my own full truth. The reason I was afraid to be real in my songwriting and also to talk about the real story behind the song was because last summer, after Hillary chose “Fight Song” to be her campaign anthem I started getting a lot of hate from people on all sides. I also got some death threats, people who cursed at me for taking what had been “their song” away from them. It was heart breaking because I felt both fear but also deep guilt. As an artist I only want to unite, not divide and it broke my heart that I was doing that with a song that had been so personal that I’d written just for me.  So when I wrote “Broken Glass” it was this declaration that I was going to feel safe to speak up again but also it was for the hope I felt at the time for women and girls everywhere! 

David: It’s so crazy to me that it’s almost been four years since “Fight Song” came out. That song inspired so many people, including myself. What was it like meeting fans that told you how you and your song helped them through tough times/rough patches in their lives?

Rachel: It was incredible – as I said above – I wrote that song at a time when I really needed the reminder not to give up on my dreams. I had been trying for a long time to “make it” in music and I came close to losing that drive. But, the song was kind of an affirmation that I wasn’t gonna quit and it changed my life. So having THAT song, which was so deeply raw and personal be the thing that resonated with the world, that was pretty special. 


David: Last year I went to a few of your ‘Wildfire Tour’ shows in Boston, New York, and even New Jersey, I loved them!! ‘Wildfire’ gave me so much confidence when I needed it in my life, so seeing those songs multiple times really got me in the feels. The production of the tour was so simple, I loved it. Do you have any plans to go on the road again towards the end of the year or early next year?


Rachel: I sure do 😉 but I’m not releasing any information about it quite yet, stay tuned!!! 

David: Do you have a specific country, state, or city that you’d like to visit most when you’re on the road?


Rachel: I’d really love to tour in South America. I had a single out in Spanish with an amazing Argentian artist named Diego Torres, and we got to sing it at the Latin Grammys last year! But, my schedule sadly didn’t allow for me to actually tour the countries who were embracing the song. It was sad ;( So I’m determined to go this record cycle. I also absolutely love the Spanish language and even though I’m not fluent I love trying to stumble my way through a sentence. 


David: We both are from Massachusetts so I have to ask, do you have a favorite town or restaurant in our home state!?

Rachel: Ooooh! Some of my best friends from high school Will Droste and Andrew Taylor opened a restaurant called Eventide Oysters (they also have a stand in Fenway Park now -how cool?!) and it’s unbelievably good. I’m not even being biased, they won a really prestigious award for being badass chefs so I can brag honestly! Go check it out and annoy them and say b&n’s all star eater sent you. Yes, I was named one of three “All star eaters” in high school. Let’s not discuss it more. 

David: You have always been such a big supporter of the LGBTQ Community and being an openly gay teenager, that means so much to me. I actually saw you in June at my first Pride event in New York also, I loved it and you! Did you have fun?


Rachel: How could I not support you and my other brothers and sisters?! First of all, living your truth in a world that doesn’t make it easy to is the most brave courageous thing we can do and I identify so much with that, so I feel a deep connection to the LGBTQ Community who face way more adversity trying to just be themselves than most of us ever will. Second of all, my connection aside, pride events are the MOST FUN time ever. No exaggeration. It’s just a bunch of people spreading love and feeling free finally to be themselves and there is this amazing vibe of joy and also we don’t give a fuck in the air and nothing is a better canvas for a concert. So yes if i hadn’t made it clear haha I had a fucking blast. 

David: I follow you on your social media handles, but your Instagram is legit my favorite. Your posts are always so cute and inspiring, what makes you want to use your voice for good/to help others like you’ve always done?


Rachel: Wait really?! Oh yay. I never know if I’m being a straight up basic cheeseball or not so that’s awesome to hear. YAY. I don’t know what makes me want to, honestly I don’t know why more people with influence don’t, ya know? It just feels good to spread love and help. Though I’m really proud that my music has reached people, I’m even more proud that I’m able to make even a small difference by helping people love and accept themselves and each other. This world can be so heavy, I just want to do my part to help make us not feel so alone and remember we are all connected. 

David: Do you have a favorite book, movie, quote, or even song that has inspired you a lot in life?

Rachel: A couple – my favorite books that i reread over and over: “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gaby Bernstein, “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron, any book you can find by the late Wayne Dyer, and lastly, “A Course In Miracles.” That last one is heavy and life changing, so I recommend diving in if you feel ready to just open up your heart and grow and want some soul food. It taught me my favorite motto for life – I’m gonna get the quote wrong so forgive me but basically it’s: everything is either coming from a place of fear or love. And fear doesn’t exist! so if you find yourself feeling anything over than love in your core, you can relax and know it’s not real, and choose again to find love. 

David: You’ve been so successful throughout your career, but do you have any goals for the next five years that you hope to accomplish?

Rachel: Yes. So many it’s exhausting and I’d rather not remember all of them. Honestly I’m working on just being more grateful for what I already have and not being so hungry for more. I wrote the song grace on my album about how I got so caught up in chasing things that I didn’t even recognize myself one night. I was this scared insecure jealous shell of Rachel and I was crying on my piano like how did I forget what I know to be true? That i have all the answers I need, I am enough as I am. So anyway, I’m trying to just shake off the whole where I wanna go kind of goals and try to find more peace right where I am.