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One of my favorite brands of all time has and always will be, Estée Lauder. I was so happy to get a gift from them today, I couldn’t stop smiling (I still am). The package they sent me included some of must-have’s, so I knew I had to share with you what those are!

Scroll down to see what I can’t live without from Estée Lauder, and be sure to check out their products here.

XO Diva D


  • Kendall Jenner x Estée Lauder: I was most excited about this! It came with some of the products Kendall did with Estée including: Mascara, Lipstick, Bronzer, and some more other goodies! Though the set isn’t available online as a whole, check out her collaboration, here.


  • Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II: I love using this after cleansing my face at night, it’s extremely calming to my skin. Check it out, here.


  • Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules: These things are so darn cool! They come in a little capsule and you basically twist it out, it’s so good for tired or stressed skin. Check it out, here.


  • Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix: This is my all time fave from Estée! It’s an eye cream that works wonders, and I mean that. Check it out, here.