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A few months ago or so, I discovered this fashion designer named Daniel Patrick while in New York. When I saw some of the pieces he had created, I was so mind blown and intrigued. Though some people might find it to be “basic”, it’s far from that. It’s a high end streetwear line and it’s pure fire! I am such a believer in expressing yourself through clothing and I truly feel that his line is just that. It has something that a lot of lines these days don’t have, it’s so phenomenal to have these kinds of designers.

Although I have yet to buy pieces from his line, I definitely plan on it once I have some more money put aside for a fashion/new wardrobe splurge, lol! Take a look at some of the stuff by him I want most below. Don’t forget to head over to his website too,!

XO Diva D


  • Black Long Kimono Bomber Jacket

kimono long bomber jacket by daniel patrick

  • Oversized Hoodie

heavy hoodie NY in black by daniel patrick

  • Hero Bomber


  • Ripped Skinny Jeans

Blue Desert

  • Oversized Mesh Tee


  • Chelsea Black Boots


  • High Tops

Black leather high tops by daniel patrick