Hey guys! I am so thrilled to share a new part of XO Diva D, The XO Talk Sessions (aka TXTS). These are going to be just like old interviews I have done in the past…but even better! To kick TXTS off, I am sharing the one I did with one of my new friends! She is such an inspiration to me and is one of my favorite people….Amy Rosoff Davis!

If you want to be inspired and get that extra boost to feel good about yourself, make sure to follow her on Instagram. I always feel so great after seeing/reading her posts, and I know you will as well. Sending you all so much love!

XO Diva D


David: Hi Amy! I am so excited to be talking with you for my blog, I’m such a big fan of yours. First off congratulations on your baby, I am so happy for you! How have you been?

Amy: You are so sweet- I am honored that you are a fan!! I have been amazing! Having my baby, Ellie, is the best thing that ever happened to me (along with marrying my husband, Jamie), she is literally my dream come true. I can’t believe I am a mom- it is incredible!! Everyone said I was going to be super overwhelmed and exhausted, but she is such a good baby – plus I am kinda OCD, so everything is pretty organized and running smoothly! It also helps that she sleeps through the night already! 


David: I am such a fan of your story. You went to NYU and after graduating, you headed out to LA to peruse acting while being a waitress… that’s so cool! I’ve seen some of the episodes of your older show ‘Flash Forward’ and loved it! What made you want to get into acting in the first place?

Amy: Look at you, knowing your facts! I wanted to be an actress from a very young age- I was in all the school plays growing up and was a dancer as well- so I loved to be on stage.  When I started High School I couldn’t wait to go to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and study theater. I did early decision and got in and moved to NY. My junior year I studied abroad in London and met a group of women that would become my best friends and theater family. We now have a pretty successful theatre company. It’s called IAMA theater Company and we have won awards and are funded by Shonda Rhimes- it’s kinda amazing – and the most fulfilling I have ever done in my acting career. 


David: I know that after your show ended, you got into training. What made you want to switch careers?

Amy: I knew I didn’t want to go back to wanting tables, and I had became best friends with the lead of Flash forward, Christine Woods ( I am literally hanging out with her right now), and she told me to become a trainer. She said, ” I will be your first client, and will hook you up with my actress friends” before I knew it, I was having a ball and training some big names. It was insane how quickly and naturally my client list grew. 


David: In one of your past interviews, you said “My work isn’t just about physical training. I’m also part life coach for all my clients, because in a sense, training is therapy” and I really admire that, it shows how much you care about helping people. Do you have a favorite part of what you do?

Amy: I LOVE ALL MY CLIENTS!  I become really good friends with all of them- and I am proud to say that.  I am not just a silent trainer sitting there counting reps, I am having conversations, talking about life- being a human. I think working with someone that intimately requires a certain kind of relationship. It means you guys can cover topics from health to love to … well.. everything.  Taylor Schilling not only sat at my wedding but also touched my belly two days before I birthed Ellie- it was so special when she met her for the first time- she had been around her since she was in utero!  I guess my favorite part is making friends with new amazing people. They say you are the sum of the people you spend the most time with.. so I better spend time with awesome humans!


David: You work with some of my all time favorite people like Selena Gomez and Emma Roberts, how did you first meet those two lovely ladies?

Amy: I met both of the beauties through this studio I used to work at called Ballet Bodies. It is a studio in west Hollywood.  I met Selena specifically through her manager, Aleen Keshishian, who is really close with Andie Hecker who used to own Ballet Bodies. But in all honesty, word of mouth is the best way to meet friends and clients- that’s how I got most of my peeps. I just started training Hannah Simone ( New Girl) who I met through my best friend Katie Lowes ( who is on Scandal).


David: I follow you on Instagram and actually have your post notifications turned on because of all the delicious looking food you post, lol! What’re some of your favorite things to cook for you and your husband Jamie?

Amy: Oh my goodness, you are so sweet! We just finished cleaning up from dinner. I love cooking vegetables from the farmers market with yummy meat or pasta. I am all about using good ingredients when you cook- it tastes so much better.  Most nights we have grilled fish or meat with grilled veggies and/or salad. We eat clean but we cook with yummy olive oil and local ingredients. When I make pasta- I make fresh pasta, and MAN, is it good!! 


David: So many people (like myself) can never manage to stay on a good diet or exercise routine, it seriously is so hard! I get that it’s all about how much effort you put into it, but can you give us some tips about making a routine that’s right for ourselves?

Amy: Create a routine that is realistic!! Don’t try and run a marathon when you have never worked out. Try and incorporate a routine that is attainable for you. Make health and exercise a part of your lifestyle. You are more apt to do something if it is easy to make  a part of your routine!  For example, if you hate gyms.. don’t go!  Take dance classes and hike and do yoga. If you hate yoga, take spinning! Etc. Find what works for YOU!  And don’t compare yourself – it never helps. Ever.


David: For me personally, I hate gyms! Do you think it’s possible to get in shape and make a routine at home with limited workout gear/machines? If so, how do we do that and what do you suggest!?

Amy: Yes. One hundred percent yes. I am not a fan of gyms either. I like Yoga and Pilates and hikes and fun things that are group oriented!  I used to be a member of a gym- and workouts felt mundane and overwhelming at times. Then I discovered yoga classes and Pilates and a million resources online ( many of which are free!!) Now, I have so much fun and can’t wait to exercise- cause it doesn’t feel like a chore, it feels like a treat!  Google different types of exercises that make you excited and go from there. Or ask a friend and try something new.


David: What does a typical meal plan look like for you (if you have one), from morning all the way until nighttime? Do you not eat past a certain time?

Amy: I don’t like to live by strict rules . It never has and never will serve me. Some people need regiment, but I like to be free with my diet and exercise. I don’t like to obsess. I like to enjoy food and life and I love how I feel when I am active. Health is so important that no matter what-  it is a priority every day. I make sure green stuff and movement are a part of my every day- not because it is a rule- but because I know I feel good when it’s a part of my life.  Since I live life with this kind of balance, I never run the risk of binging or starving myself. I just try and be balanced in all aspects of my life- and that includes food and exercise. 


David: Do you have any go-to breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack options that are  healthy and easy to make for people who want to start eating cleaner?

Amy:  As much as you can… eliminate the processed stuff. I try and eat as fresh and clean as I can. So instead of eating something from a box, try and eat real ingredients. Take breakfast. Instead of a bar or something else packaged, eat eggs or avocado and toast or fruit and yogurt.. real and fresh ingredients! And same with Lunch and dinner- and even snacks! I love fresh veggies and fruit and nuts and meat! Real food 🙂


David: You’ve done so much throughout your life and you’re still young. Like I said, I follow you on Instagram and I love everything you post. I find that everything you post is inspiring, it truly always makes my day better if I’m feeling down. Since you have done so much, have you ever thought about making a book or something along the sorts of that line? I honestly feel like you’re story would help and inspire so many people, including myself.

Amy: Seriously you are TOO Sweet, thank you so much for thinking that!! I have been working on a book- food, health, lifestyle- for a while. Having a baby set me back a bit, so thank you for reminding me I need to get ON IT. Calling my book agent Monday!


David:  Can you give any advice to people who might struggle with the lack of self love?

Amy: The best thing you can do is LOVE YOURSELF. I know it seems crazy, but seriously, what better thing to love and take care of on this earth than YOU. Trite as it seems, life is short. SO spend as much of it as you can adoring the miraculous badass self you are. You are a miracle- literally ( I just had a baby, and I know. The odds of making a human are slim, so the fact that you are alive, is a literal MIRACLE) so be grateful you get to live on this beautiful Earth. Thank you for being here. 🙂