I don’t know about you guys but I am such a crazy morning person. Right when I wake up I rush to the bathroom and get started on myself. Here are some of my Morning must do’s!

  1. Wake up and head to the bathroom
  2. Brush my teeth, floss, mouth wash.
  3. Take my vitamins.
  4. Shower.
  5. Wash my face with whatever facial cleanser I am using. (Currently Devonne By: DL)
  6. After the shower, I go back up to my bathroom and start getting ready.
  7. Mouse and hairspray my hair for styling.
  8. Apply my moisturizer and sunscreen on my face.
  9. Put some concealer/and or foundation on if I need it.
  10. Use my morning eye cream.
  11. Fill in my eye brows and put eye brow gel on.
  12. Spray my face and neck with Evian’s facial spray.
  13. Apply sunscreen on my hands. (SO IMPORTANT)
  14. Touch up’s if I have to on anything.
  15. DONE!