I know a lot of people prefer not to talk about the presidential election because it offends them but I think everyone has a right to their own opinion, that’s what makes the world go round. As my eighteenth birthday approached I was so eager to register to vote for the next election. The person I will be voting for is the intelligent, kind, and inspiring Hillary Clinton. I have many reasons that I will be voting for Hillary but the main reason is because I trust her with my country. Hillary is not only the most experienced but also the most realistic and trustworthy nominee. Many people may laugh or shake their heads at that statement because of what you see about her in the tabloids but I don’t care. Most of those stories are just jealous people who seek money and attention while trying to tear down an amazing women. I can’t wait to see how the election goes and I hope America will be lucky enough to get Hillary as our next president. I’m with her!