I am so excited to finally be writing this review about Kylie Jenner’s famous Lip Kit! Some might be thinking to yourself “why is he wearing lip stick and writing about a women’s product?” Well if you are, this site most likely isn’t for you. I believe anyone can wear and do anything that makes them happy and let’s them express themselves. So, here is my Kylie Lip Kit Review! 

I ordered the Kylie Lip Kit right when it went on sale. I ordered Koko K and Cady K. For myself, Candy K was a little too dark but Koko K was perfect for me. Koko is a nude pink and I am obsessed with it! I usually wear Koko K every single day even if I’m just at home doing nothing because I love it so much. What I do when I wear Koko K is, I put Vaseline chap stick as a base and the apply Koko K on top of that. The reason I do this is because I have very, very chapped lips. The Kylie Lip Kit is super moisturizing itself so I add the Vaseline chap stick just for some extra moisture. I am a huge fan of Kylie’s Lip Kit and definitely suggest everyone get it when it goes back up on sale at http://kyliecosmetics.com/ Below are some pics of me wearing Candy K (Left) and Koko K (Right). I hope you enjoyed this review!

PS…Stay tuned for my review on Kylie’s Lip Gloss line coming soon!


XO Diva D