If anyone knows me, they know my favorite show on FreeForm is Pretty Little Liars. I honestly cannot believe I am writing this right now but I got the chance to interview Keegan Allen AKA Toby from the show! Thank you SO much to Keegan’s manager and Keegan for helping make this happen, I am so grateful! I hope you all enjoy the Interview!

PS..don’t forget to catch Pretty Little Liars on FreeForm when it comes back later this year! You can also purchase Keegan’s book here: http://www.amazon.com/life-love-beauty-Keegan-Allen/dp/1250065704



David: First off I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions, I am such a big fan of yours and your show! You’ve been on Pretty Little Liars since season one now going on season seven , how much fun has it been watching Toby change so much throughout each season 

Keegan: It’s been quite an adventure to be in the shoes of a character that has been through almost every archetypal homage of our talented writers. The Holden Caulfield/ Boo Radley beginnings, nods to classic cinematic icon Humphrey Bogart, and all the while holding to his roots in the book series. Marlene King has really made this character special for the fans (the outcast turned bad boy turned moral compass) and YES! it’s been fun watching Tobias change every season.


David: You just finished filming a movie called “King Cobra” with James Franco, how was it working with him and working on the film?

Keegan: James is a great artist to work with. I always learn something new from him. Sometimes he would walk onto set and memorize 6 pages of dialogue while reading a book on Tarantino and listening to an audiobook or French disco haha. But he is truly an actors actor. Very collaborative and protective of the writer and story. 


David: Last year you released your AMAZING book “life. love. beauty” You’ve said before that you carry a camera everywhere you go so do you see yourself releasing another part to the book/starting to work on another one anytime soon?

Keegan: Thank you, life.love.beauty has been such a wonderful experience from start to now. I still go signing books around the world and hearing feedback from readers has been so inspiring. I am currently working on a new literary project that will live very well in the life.love.beauty library.


David: You write, act, photograph, and sing. Do you have a hidden talent that some of us fans don’t know about!?

 Keegan: You know if I told you it wouldn’t be hidden anymore haha. It’s not really hidden but I know a lot of Shakespeare and monologues from various plays that I, for some strange reason, can NEVER forget. So it’s a useful talent if there is ever an empty stage.