Brooke Candy is back and ready to put the world in a candy land frenzy and we are so ready for it. After three years, Brooke has officially kicked off her new era with the release of “Flip Phone.” The new track is a mix of electronic and synth-pop which frankly makes you want to strip and party. Are we surprised though? No, we are not.

“I wanted this to be the first song I came back with because I had the most fun making it, and I’m just having fun right now,” Brooke said to PAPER Magazine, who produced the self-directed music video. This is the first video produced by the iconic NYC based magazine.

Speaking on the newest video, Brooke shared “the video was a challenge to make because I wanted it to come out so perfect; and it did. We rented a rain room in LA and just went all out with the help of PAPER and Gentle Monster,” she says. “Some parts were inspired by Pamela Anderson in Barbed Wire.”

Flip Phone” is out now.