The world has finally got a pop album that is one of the best we have seen in years. Pop icon Charli XCX released her fifth studio album, “CRASH,” at midnight and there are no words to begin to describe the talent this record holds. From the title tracks narrow introduction all the way to a heartbreaking pop synth ballad, “Every Rule,” the album has something for everyone.

Speaking to Rolling Stone on the feel of the new album Charli says “I almost just feel like this album title is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. I feel very explosive right now. I feel very on the edge, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way.” While talking with the magazine Charli also spoke of her dedicated, Angels, as she calls them. “I really respect my fandom and I’m really grateful that I have them,” she says. “I don’t think they’d be good Charli XCX fans unless they were a bit opinionated, so I’m happy that they have opinions and they’ve got some sort of spice and sass to them, I suppose.” 

While this is the last album Charli has on her five studio album deal with Atlantic records, she has made it pretty clear she is not to be fucked around with any longer. “There’s been quite a lot of tension between the way I’ve chosen to do things and the way a major label expects female pop artists to do things. And I think a lot of my previous work has really been born out of that tension — or some, at least,” she said to NPR in an exclusive interview.

She continued “With this final album, the final album in my deal, I wanted to play into this idea of, “What if I played the game?” Hence the whole selling my soul thing. What if I took pitch songs? What if I worked with an A&R for the first time in 10 years? What if I started using interpolations in a few of the songs? That’s the world.”

Charli’s new album, “CRASH,” is out now world wide. Be sure to stream and buy the timeless new record of your beloved pop queen and check out a live experience of the album in the coming weeks as Charli embarks on her tour. Tickets to the “CRASH THE LIVE TOUR,” are on sale now. Check below for the official dates below and secure them fast; many shows are sold out, but some may still be available.

Congrats to Charli on the new album and here’s to the recognition she’s deserved from the start.