I’ve never really lost someone in the industry that has been part of a group of people that inspired and educated me so much. Glee introduced me to the LGBTQ+ community, something I didn’t know I was apart of for a very long time. I was in denial of who I was, but I saw a show embrace people of all kinds into a world that can be so cruel.

I watched Naya play Santa, a Latin gay character, that redefined an entire generation. Naya personally showed her love to LGBTQ+ youth and was a constant light and devoted to GLAAD to help change the world and provide hope to so many.

While I don’t understand why these kinds of things happen, I know Naya will continue to light up the world with her shine in the heavens. God bless her and the ones she loved and was loved by. I will never forget you Naya… thank you for being apart of something that changed the world for so many. #RIPNaya