So, what the hell is going on with the third movie?!

Queen Clarisse Renaldi, also known as the icon Ms. Julie Andrews, caught up with Andy Cohen last week and while she was there she got a question about something we’ve all been dying to know! “Is Princess Diaries 3 happening?,” well, she’s actually not really sure…

When answering the question, Julie wasn’t aware that Anne Hathaway revealed there was a script for the movie and actually hasn’t heard a thing about it!  “She said there’s a script finished? Did she?,” Julie asked. “Well, the truth is I haven’t heard. There’s been talk about it for quite awhile. “I think she’s had or is having a second child. She’s busy and I’ve been busy,” she says.

So it looks like we still don’t have any clear answers, but one can only hope that this actually happens! I mean, can you imagine Anne and Julie finally reprising their roles and us getting to relive our childhood again?! Please make this happen!

Check out the clip with Julie below!