Charlie is back with another hit, of course!

Charlie Puth has unveiled the music video for his newest single, ‘Mother,’ which is the second song that comes as a preview to his upcoming third studio album. The hitmaker revealed that he will “release three songs” in support of the next album, which fans can’t seem to figure out when will be out.

“It’s just supposed to be like a fun, carefree, everything is so serious in the world why not take a like a three minute break kind of thing,” Charlie said about the new single to

Puth also revealed that the song was inspired by a dream he had saying “It was like a television show I made up in my mind, I don’t know. The story in short is just completely made up, but it sounds like it happened.” While it isn’t clear when the new album will drop, the fans are ready and so is the world.

Check out the music video below!