Someone hold me, because it is HOT in here!

KJ Apa is serving looks for ASOS‘s Spring 2019 issue, which is on stands now. The Riverdale actor chatted with the magazine about the struggle with fame, living his best life, and the pressures in the industry.

Talking about the hard parts of fame, KJ opened up about some encounters with fans that were hard for him to deal with. “The weird thing is that it used to be people calling me by my character’s name — now people come up to me in the street and know my name. Some people touch you and I had a hard time with people feeling like they can have that intimacy with me,” he said.

He continued, “Experiencing what it’s like to be on a huge TV show has given me perspective on people. The attention is strange and not comfortable. You put yourself in their shoes and think, ‘If I saw someone like that, what would I do?'”

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A picture of KJ Apa from the Netflix show, Riverdale.